Blush Brush No.06

CHF 24
This vegan makeup brush is made with 100% synthetic bristles and is very comfortable to use. FSC® certified wooden handle and rose gold ferrule.

How to use:

For round and oval face. Round face has no protruding parts. It needs to be lengthened and sculpted. To highlight your cheekbones, apply blush by drawing a '3' across your cheeks, starting from temples, descending and blending towards the jaw

Tip: Avoid pearly shades that reflect light and give volume.

For square and angular face. To lengthen the square face and soften the angles, apply blush in circular motions and don't hesitate to highlight your cheekbones. Apply the blush in a horizontal line. Work from the ear to the protruding part of your cheeks.

Tip: Don't hesitate to smile in front of your mirror to spot the bulging parts of your cheeks, on which you can apply the blush!

Remember to clean the brush at least once a month, ideally once a week. You could do this with water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly then leave your brush to dry flat on a clean cloth.


FSC® certified birch wood handle
100% synthetic bristles


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