• Coffee Candle by Lima
  • Coffee Candle by Lima
Coffee Candle by Lima
Coffee Candle by Lima

Coffee Candle

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Size 120ml


Indulge in the experience of your favourite coffee shop from the comfort of your own home with this Coffee Soy Wax Candle. Capturing the scent of freshly-brewed coffee, the candle is masterfully blended with notes of creamy goodness, velvety vanilla, and a touch of cocoa for an alluring olfactory journey. Perfect for transforming any room into a sophisticated space!

Packaging & Ingredients:

Designed to provide perfect moments of enjoyment, the Coffee Candle is presented in an amber glass jar, hand-filled in the LIMA factory. Using only soy wax sourced from a European supplier and cotton wicks from a German facility, this candle is scented with the highest quality phthalate-free, cruelty-free perfume oils. Plus, it arrives in a pretty gift box, making this candle a wonderful gifting idea. 

How to Use:

Place the candle on a heat-resistant surface, away from drafts and flammable materials. Light the cotton wick gently using a match or lighter. Allow the candle to burn until the wax pool reaches the edge of the jar for an even fragrance distribution. Close your eyes, breathe in, and savour the invigorating scent of coffee as it fills your space.

Remember to shorten the wick of your candle to about 3-5 mm before each lighting. When burning the candle, avoid contact with the hot glass container.

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