Conventional vs Natural skincare

There is so much written on about conventional vs. natural skincare, that there is almost nothing to add. If you still feel a little confused why there is so much buzz around natural skincare then read through.

Lets first quickly recap on convectional skincare.

Manufactures of conventional cosmetics operate on principle of innocence: i.e. any cosmetic ingredient that is not prohibited is allowed. Even when there is enough scientific evidence pointing at a negative impact on skin and the environment caused by commonly cosmetic ingredients. Unfortunately, it might take years until these doubtful substances will officially be prohibited in the beauty industry. Another reason, why brands stick to synthetic ingredients, is due to their wide availability and low cost.

So what’s the deal with Natural and Organic skincare?

Natural and organic cosmetic brans operate on a different principle. Any cosmetic ingredient that is not allowed by the Natural/Organic Standards (e.g. ECOCERT) is prohibited. To put it simply, any cosmetic ingredient showing signs of potential risks for human skin or environment is disallowed in natural skin care, hence is not being used unless proved to be safe.

What is important to understand about natural skincare is that it also has its flaws. This is what you should not expect from natural skincare:

  • Absence of allergic reaction. If you are prone to allergic reactions, using natural skin care doesn’t guarantee you won’t get one. Watch out for potential allergens such as those present in essential oils.
  • As with any beauty products, if not chosen properly, natural skincare could be ineffective. It is not a magic wand!
  • Good texture. You might need to try several products until you find the right texture for you.

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