Why pay importance to the packaging of your skincare?

Packaging plays a big role in holding and protecting our skincare and beauty products

In some cases it makes beauty products last longer. Also, it ensures the unique properties of the ingredients are not lost.

Yet, when our favorite cream has all been whipped out and shampoo has all been shampooed, the only remaining piece to be left is the empty tube destined for a bin

Packaging wouldn’t be a problem if it could sink into the environment like a cream gets absorbed into skin.

Sadly, the most common form of skincare and cosmetics packaging - the plastic packaging will never be fully gone...

In fact, about 79% of ALL plastic ever made is currently resting in land field and is expected to make it into the oceans (Source National Geographic).

This wouldn’t be worrying if the planet ecosystems were not tightly connected in the circular food chain exchange

The traces of plastic tubes, bottles and bags that are binned daily could now be found just as everywhere, even in the unlike places such as the human body.

The research has shown that we can consume up to 52,000 micro-plastic particles a year or up to 74,000 when adding the inhaled amount of plastic!

Although, we don’t know in full the hidden potential impact of plastic, many of us are aware of the damage and the suffering it has caused to marine and wild life.

Now, the scientists raise their voices on the potential disruption plastic pollution can cause to human health too, including impact on the reproductive function, DNA and endocrine system to name a few

The main question to ask ourselves is whether the convenience of plastic packaging is more important than our health and the health of our planet

Packaging should continue serving its function but without damaging the environment. A good packaging is the one that is sourced ethically from renewable sources. It should be fully recyclable or biodegradable, and it shouldn’t be treated carelessly

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