Why pay importance to the packaging of your skincare?

Why pay importance to the packaging of your skincare?

Packaging's Crucial Role in Skincare and Beauty Products.

Packaging plays a significant role in holding and protecting our skincare and beauty products. In some cases, it even extends the shelf life of these products while ensuring the preservation of their unique properties. However, when our favorite cream is all used up, and our shampoo bottle is empty, all that remains is the discarded packaging destined for the bin.

Packaging wouldn't be a problem if it could naturally integrate into the environment, similar to how a cream gets absorbed into the skin. Unfortunately, the most common form of skincare and cosmetics packaging, plastic, will never truly disappear.

The Environmental Impact of Packaging.

In fact, it's alarming to note that approximately 79% of all plastic ever produced is currently resting in landfills, and a significant portion is expected to eventually find its way into our oceans (Source: National Geographic).

This issue wouldn't be as concerning if our planet's ecosystems weren't intricately linked in a circular food chain exchange.

Plastic Pollution's Impact on Human Health.

The remnants of plastic tubes, bottles, and bags that are discarded daily can now be found almost everywhere, including unexpected places like the human body.

Research has shown that we may unknowingly consume up to 52,000 micro-plastic particles a year, or even up to 74,000 when considering the amount we inhale. Although we may not fully understand the hidden potential impact of plastic, many of us are well aware of the harm it has caused to marine and wildlife.

Now, scientists are raising concerns about the potential disruption plastic pollution can cause to human health as well, including its impact on reproductive functions, DNA, and the endocrine system, to name a few.

Balancing Convenience with Responsibility.

The fundamental question we must ask ourselves is whether the convenience of plastic packaging outweighs the importance of our health and the health of our planet.

Packaging should continue to serve its intended purpose but without causing harm to the environment. Good packaging should be ethically sourced from renewable materials, fully recyclable or biodegradable, and should never be treated carelessly.

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