My skin looks better in my 30's than it did in my 20's

My skin looks better in my 30's than it did in my 20's

Is your skin too? 

I should probably start by saying I never had terrible acne or severe skin condition, but I had a fair amount of spots and imperfections. Who doesn't, right!? Through my 20s, I lived in several countries. There were changes in climate, water and food, and I had to adjust my beauty routine to what was available on the local shelves. My skin rarely liked it...

So how did I manage to reinvent my skin after all these changes?

I started self-observing my skin, and this was a turning point. Because the truth is, nobody knows your skin better than you do. 

What did I notice?

  • Coffee + milk gives me breakouts, and I’m not the first one to say a dairy-free diet clears away spots
  • A lack of protein and omega3 in my diet results in blue, panda-like circles under my eyes. Getting the right amount of vitamins helps me feel and look healthy 
  • Depending on the season, my skin could get drier, slightly more reactive, and sometimes it has no particular demands at all
  • Also, I noticed how radiant and pure my face looks during the ovulation period and how dull it is at the end of the cycle. It occurred to me that sometimes my skin simply mirrors the internal processes. So, why should I stress myself over something that I have no control of, especially when it comes and goes away on its own?
These were just a few of my observations, and it was a good starting point. A significant change, however, happened when I started using natural skincare.

I still have friends who tell me natural skincare doesn’t work. Indeed, natural skincare won’t do miracles unless it's part of a healthy lifestyle with a focus on skin’s specific needs.

Still, many women would agree that natural skin products can rejuvenate and turn the clock backwards. Botanical oils, vitamins and plant extracts used in natural skincare formulations mimic human skin. These ingredients make slow but long-term changes by resetting the skin to its balanced and glowing state.
Here are my top 5 glow-getting skin tips:

Here are my top 5 glow-getting skin tips:

  1. Self-observation
  2. Water-water–water goes without saying, but still…
  3. A healthy diet tailored to my need, plus the supplements
  4. Natural skincare
  5. Anti-ageing exercises for my face. I do these daily, and it’s not the face gym, face massage or one of those. Curious to know? Stay tuned. There will be a detailed blog post on that too.


Here are my top hero products that give my 35+ skin exactly what it needs:




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