Are solid cosmetics really eco-friendly?

There are already a few big brands on the market that make solid beauty products: Santé, Lush, Garnier Ultra Doux, as well as many other less known brands.

Now you could buy pretty much anything in a solid form: shampoo, conditioner, body moisturizer, face wash and even tooth brushing tablets.

The good news is, buying solid beauty products saves a substantial amount of the Earth resources.

  • Manufacturing solid cosmetics require less energy and water
  • Being virtually water-free, these products require none or very little preservatives
  • Often produced by eco-conscious brands, solid cosmetics are free from silicones, microplastic, synthetic perfumes and colorants
  • Transportation of solid cosmetics takes less fuel because these products are compact and weigh less (60gr of solid shampoo is equal to 2 x 250ml bottles of liquid shampoo)

May 11th marked Switzerland´s Overshoot Day. Meaning that from the start of the year up until then, we as a nation consumed as much resources as we should have done in the whole year.

While our planet resources, climate and eco-system deteriorate, the change is in our hands and it can start from small but SOLID eco-steps

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