Eye Crease Brush No.09

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This vegan makeup brush is made with 100% synthetic bristles and is very comfortable to use. FSC® certified wooden handle and rose gold ferrule. High application precision.

How to use:

1. Take eye shadow and apply it to the inner corner of the eye, using back and forth strokes. You can use a light, iridescent shadow, to add light.

2. Take a second eye shadow, darker than the previous one, and perform the same movement in the outer corner of the eye.

3. Blend the eyeshadow over the eyelid to create a nice gradient. For a more intense look, apply eye shadow along the bottom lash line.

Remember to clean your brush at least once a month, ideally once a week. To do this, mix lukewarm water with mild soap, dip your brush, swirl and rinse off. Let it dry flat on a clean cloth.
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