Dental Floss Refill - Orange

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Size 2 rolls


This natural Dental Floss is made from compostable Corn-base PLA, coated with Vegetable Wax and organic Sweet Orange Oil. Orange is safe to use with young children and during pregnancy as it is known for its superior but gentle soothing properties. Flossing daily helps to remove food debris and prevent bacteria from the areas that sometimes regular brushing cannot reach. You should encourage flossing with your child when your child has 2 teeth that touch. This is often around ages 2 to 3. Always floss under the direction of your child’s dentist or primary care provider. Before this age, flossing is not needed. Children often need help with flossing until they are ages 8 to 10.

150 applications per floss / 1 person / twice a day

How to use:

Gently pull out about 30 centimetres of floss and roll the floss around your thumb to control the strength and position. Floss slowly between each tooth, reaching close to the gum line.


Corn PLA Floss^, Vegetable Wax*^, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil*^.

*Compostable, ^Natural.


PLA pouch*, Kraft Paper Box*^.

*Compostable, ^Recyclable.

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