Eyeshadow Brush by Annabelle Minerals

Eyeshadow Brush

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Enhance your makeup routine with Annabelle Minerals Makeup Brushes, crafted from the finest quality materials. This eyeshadow brush features a comfortable handle and lightweight synthetic bristles, ensuring a luxurious and pleasant experience with every use. It allows for precise and even application of eyeshadow onto the eyelids, ensuring a seamless finish. Plus, the brush is specially designed to be gentle on sensitive areas around the eyes, providing comfort and safety in every stroke. Achieve precise and flawless eye looks with the soft and delicate bristles of Annabelle Minerals eyeshadow brush!

Why you'll love it:

  • Suitable for application and detailing
  • Made with super soft and durable bristles
  • Vegan

How to use:

Choose your eyeshadow colour and gently tap off excess product from the brush. Apply the eyeshadow to your eyelid using sweeping or patting motions. Add depth by applying a darker shade to the crease and blend. Highlight the brow bone or inner corners with a lighter shade or shimmer. Blend for a seamless finish. Repeat on the other eye for symmetry.

Remember to clean your brush at least once a month, ideally once a week. To do this, mix lukewarm water with mild soap, dip your brush, swirl and rinse off. Let it dry flat on a clean cloth.

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