• Body Konjac Sponge by Unii Organic
  • Body Konjac Sponge Red Clay by Unii Organic
Body Konjac Sponge by Unii Organic
Body Konjac Sponge Red Clay by Unii Organic

Body Konjac Sponge Various

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Material Plain - all skin types


Konjac sponges are made from 100% pure konjac plant fibre and spring water, which allows for better water absorption by the skin. They are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, irritated, and damaged skin, and can be used by the whole family, including babies from birth onwards. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and completely biodegradable. 

Plain Konjac sponge for all skin types. Konjac sponge helps to balance the skin's pH, stimulate blood circulation, and promote overall skin health and beauty.

Red clay Konjac sponge for dry & sensitive skin. The Konjac Body Sponge infused with red clay is a mineral-rich sponge that helps improve blood circulation and contributes to overall skin health, leaving it revitalised. It is specially designed for dry, sensitive skin that is prone to eczema or rosacea, as well as skin that has been affected by the sun, stretch marks or small varicose veins.

How to use:

To use the sponge, begin by wetting it. Then, massage your face in circular motions, paying attention to areas with skin issues. If desired, you can use the sponge with a cleansing product, but be sure to use less than usual. Once you are finished, rinse your body and then wash the sponge. Squeeze out any excess water and hang it up to dry.

It's recommended to replace the sponge after 2-3 months of use.


100% biodegradable Konjac sponge. 

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