Made from 100% organic cotton, our Soap Bag can be used to store all of your solid shower products. With its ring-hook design, you can hang your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, face cleansers, and any other shower time essentials with ease. 

Nothing But Net

We’ve made an (eco)-conscious decision not to include any of our products within your Soap Bag. Instead, we’ve opted to offer you a healthy discount on our entire range. Our decision for doing this is based on the fact that only you know which of our products you will use in their entirety. Our goal is to prevent any of our products going to waste as we put our best foot forward to fight ongoing pollution in the beauty industry. 

Your Discount Deal 

Use the code UNDRESS to unlock a 40% discount on all of the products in our entire range. This offer is unique to you and is only available to those who attended the UN DRESS event. We invite you to take a look at our range and select the products you want or need the most.