Small Flat Brush

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Designed for a variety of uses, this versatile brush presses and blends all shadow formulations onto lids and is perfect for building up colour. It's firm, flattened shape allows easy application for darker shades in the crease of the eyelid.

Additionally, use the flattened bristles to cover and conceal blemishes, for detailed contouring, highlighting brow-bones or to add a pop of colour to lips.

How to use:

Eyes - Pat eyeshadow onto the eyelid for maximum effect.

Concealer - Dip brush into your concealer and gently pat onto blemishes.

Brows - Sweep highlighter under the brows and across the brow bone.

Contouring - Use to paint lighter shades down the centre of the nose and between the brows before dotting darker shades under the hairline and under the cheekbones.


Angled Blending BrushAngled Blending Brush


Angled Blending Brush

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