Officina naturae

Gift Box - Hair Care

CHF 29.90

This is a perfect set designed for coloured hair that needs some extra love and care. The gift set comes in a kraft carton box and includes:

Solid Strengthening and Brightening Shampoo is specifically designed for stressed and coloured hair with signs of split ends. The shampoo formula includes organic extracts of Birch and Chestnut that are known for their repairing and revitalising properties.

Strengthening and Brightening Solid Conditioner is enriched with organic Birch and Chestnut extracts that are known for their repairing and revitalising action, making it ideal for dull and damaged hair.

Aluminium jar - perfect to store your favourite solid shampoo and conditioner. Indispensable when travelling!
Completely plastic-free, effective and natural.

These solid products are made using artisan process. Hence, it might have some irregular dimensions and small cracks which are the unique product characteristics. Any colour variations is due to the use of vegetable dyes.

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