Officina naturae

Gift Box - Body Care

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This gift box holds two solid products and one accessory to gently wash face and body:

  • Solid Softening Shower Bar 64g is formulated with gentle cleansing ingredients. It enriched with organic extracts of Blackcurrant, known for strengthening capillaries, and Red Grape extract that is a strong antioxidant. Your skin feels smooth and velvety after shower.

  • Delicate Solid Face Cleanser 50g is a mild face cleanser and it is ideal for all skin types. It has a balanced pH value and forms a delicate lather that removes impurities and make-up. Added extracts of White Hoarhound and Melilot provide astringent and skin-soothing effects.

  • The Luffa soap dish is made in Italy. It is non-bleached and sun-dried luffa. It can serve as an alternative to plastic or glass soap dish; and it allows your solid cosmetics to dry optimally. The soap dish is suitable for organic waste disposal!

These solid products are made in the artisan way. Hence, small imperfections, such as irregular dimensions or small cracks may occur. Any colour variations are due to the use of vegetable dyes.


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Officina naturae

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