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Isn’t it ironic? Conventional skincare products often cause more damage than using no products at all. If you suffer from blemishes, imperfections or irritation, your skincare products might be to blame.

As an online beauty store based in Switzerland, Nuvola brings you high-quality European skincare and beauty brands that are better for the only skin you have.

But – words like “natural” and “organic” go beyond ingredients. Packaging matters too this is why we select products for their natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.


The Story of our name

Nuvola is the Italian word for “Cloud”, representing the purity and harmony of nature’s daily miracles. From the formation of air and water to traceless vanishing, nature is incredible, and Nuvola aims to align with her power. 

The Power of One

At Nuvola, we believe in you – because you have the power to change the world. So, imagine what we can achieve together? Imagine the difference you could make by buying sustainable beauty products for the rest of your life. With Nuvola, there’s no need to imagine. Take action. Change the world, starting by changing your skin.

Shop waste-free beauty now:

  • Shop functional, toxin-free products that treat your skincare concerns.
  • Save time and shop everything you need in one online space.
  • Nuvola offers guilt-free beauty products in sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable packaging free from plastic.

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