Officina naturae

Soap Bag & Glove

CHF 6.90
This soap bag is made to minimise waste from soaps scraps and solid cosmetics pieces. You could store and use up all your solid shower products to the last bit! The bag is large enough to serve as a cleansing glove. Alternatively, it could be used as a transporting bag for your solid cosmetics.

How to use:

Simply collect soap leftovers and place them into the bag. Wet the bag and its contents with water and lather onto skin. Rinse off after use and let it dry completely.

You can wash the glove at 30-40 °C. Do not use fabric softener!


100% hemp


100% Biodegradable Soap Holder100% Biodegradable Soap Holder

Officina naturae

100% Biodegradable Soap Holder

CHF 6.90
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Officina naturae

Softening Soap - Mallow Extract

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